官宣!ES SHOW 2022 延期举办公告!

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关于“深圳电子元器件及物料采购展览会(ES SHOW 2022)”



针对当前深圳及国内部分地区依然复杂的疫情防控形式,为响应政府对疫情防控工作的总体部署,降低疫情传播风险,同时为切实保障展商、观众与工作人员的健康安全利益,全面达成展会的预期效果,经主办方审慎评估决定,原定于202210月12-14日在深圳国际会展中心(宝安新馆)举办的“2022深圳电子元器件及物料采购展览会(ES SHOW 2022)”及同期展会将延期至20221130日-122深圳国际会展中心(宝安新馆)举办。

感谢您对ES SHOW 2022深圳电子元器件及物料采购展览会的支持与关注,因展会延期给您带来的不便,我们深表歉意。我们将持续关注疫情的发展,密切与相关部门沟通,全力做好展会延期的各项工作。截止到8月底,ES SHOW 2022已有近300家国内外知名品牌确认参展,超15,000名行业专业买家预登记参观这场年度行业盛会。相信在更充足的筹备时间里,ES SHOW 2022深圳电子元器件及物料采购展览会将继续与同期举办的NEPCON ASIA 2022 亚洲电子生产设备暨微电子工业展、S-FACTORY EXPO 2022智能工厂展览会、IC PACKAGING FAIR 2022半导体封装技术展、AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA 2022中国汽车工业技术展、C-TOUCH & DISPLAY SHENZHEN 2022 深圳国际全触与显示展、AMTS & AHTE South China 2022等展览会联动,以“跨界+芯+智造”为创新理念,通过展示电子元器件、PCBA制程、半导体封测制程、智能制造设备及软件、电子制造服务等创新产品及解决方案,为下游电子制造、半导体、通信、家电、汽车、触控显示、新能源等领域产品制造商带来跨界商机。我们相信更强大的参展阵容、更丰富的观众群体、更精彩的现场活动将助力电子制造行业同仁达成卓有成效的商贸目的。

秋后时节,硕果人间!再次感谢展商、观众、合作伙伴及媒体对ES SHOW 2022深圳电子元器件及物料采购展览会的支持与鼓励。如您需要了解更多信息,敬请与我们联络。期待与您十一月在深圳国际会展中心(宝安新馆)相见!祝愿您和家人平安健康!





官宣!ES SHOW 2022 延期举办公告!

Notice on Postponement of ES SHOW 2022

Dear exhibitors, visitors, partners and media workers,

The COVID-19 pandemic in Shenzhen has been complicated since the end of August, currently with strict quarantine and control measures for visitors. During this period, for the safety of our exhibitors, visitors and staff, we have maintained close communication with all relevant parties and adopted all possible measures. Upon careful assessment, we regret to inform you that ES SHOW 2022, hosted by the SECC (Shenzhen Electronic Chamber Of Commerce) and RX (Reed Exhibitions), will be postponed to Nov. 30th - Dec. 2nd 2022 and still held at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center.

We apologize for any inconvenience that the further postponement may cause. We will pay close attention to the COVID-19 situation for prevention and control, as well as make all-out efforts on postponement-related work for ES SHOW 2022. We have given top priority to the health and safety of exhibitors, visitors, staff, and partners, and have been committed to delivering business value to suppliers and buyers through online activities. Inspired by the innovation philosophy of "cross-border + chip + intelligent manufacturing", ES SHOW 2022 attracted nearly 300 exhibiting brands of domestic and aboard and over 15,000 registered visitors till the end of August, to show new equipment and advanced technologies in fields such as electronic components, SMT, PCBA, semiconductor packaging & testing and intelligent manufacturing, etc. Several exhibitions will be held concurrently with ES SHOW 2022. They are respectively NEPCON ASIA 2022S-FACTORY EXPO 2022, IC PACKAGING FAIR 2022AUTOMOTIVE WORLD CHINA 2022AMTS & AHTE South China 2022.These co-located events will create more business opportunities in fields such as EMS, IC OSATs, communications, home appliances, automobile, touch display and new energy, etc.; unleashing the new vitality of Asia's electronic industry. We believe more exhibiting brands and more gorgeous on-site activities can support all exhibitors to achieve business networking and deals more efficiently and effectively.

Enjoy the harvest after the Autumn! Thanks again for your support and solidarity for ES SHOW 2022. For more information, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting you at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center in November. We wish you and your family peace and good health.

Show Organizers:

SECC (Shenzhen Electronic Chamber Of Commerce),

RX (Reed Exhibitions)

September 16th, 2022

官宣!ES SHOW 2022 延期举办公告!

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